About Me

This blog started initially as a place for me to amuse myself with the random indie music references that appear in our favourite film and TV programs. I guess that is still the focus of it, but I also like to just ramble about my favourite TV programs, movies and music. 

When I am not writing I attempt at playing in bands, watch too much TV and knit whilst watching TV to make my time seem productive. I also do my bit in organising gigs, tours and festivals, on the premise to help bands but really to help feed my pretzel M&M addiction.

If you have a suggestion for a film or TV series I should watch or just want to say hi and discuss the size of Scott Michael Fraser's neck beard (it's big!!) then please email me at theshinswillchangeyourlife (at) googlemail (dot) com.  As well as writing here, I also have written blog posts for Bust.com and Go Donnybrook.  I am always up for doing spots of guest writing, please get in touch if you like what you read.

Before you ask, the title of the blog comes from the film Garden State where Natalie Portman exclaims her love for the band in the doctors waiting room. I love The Shins but I don't think they'll change our lives, well... maybe a little bit.

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