Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Greatest Opera Performance by a Rock Bass Player According to Meat Loaf

How the devil do you get Myleen Class, Alan Titchmarsh, Meat Loaf, Catherine Jenkins and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen in a room together? Why would you want to? Well new ITV entertainment show Popstar To Operastar does just that. The show takes popstars such as Bernie Nolan (being ITV it must have a Nolan sister on there somehow), Marcella Detroit from Shakespeare Sister, Darius and Jimmy Osmond and makes them sing well known opera off the adverts.

What does this have to do with indie rock? Well amongst the 70's popstars, gardeners, ex girl band members and whatnot was Alex James from Blur doing a rather amazing version of a Rossini piece, watch and prepare to be dazzled, I'm sorry but words generally fail me.

Oh yes, one must appreciate but Alex is looking fine at the moment, the years seemed to have dropped off him since the Blur shows last summer. This is what a diet of cheese does for you obviously!

Hope you are well, I'm good, off to see the mighty Shrag this evening
Ta taa

Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Happy 100th birthday How I Met Your Mother!!

Ahh, How I Met Your Mother, probably the funniest sitcom on telly and one of the few telly programs where catch phrases are alright or even legen - wait for it - dary! (sorry...) This week we celebrated the program's 100th episode, that means we've spent 41 hours and 40 minutes watching the program. Whoa! That's a lot of How I Met Your Mother! and to celebrate it they decided to sing a song about Barney's favourite item of clothing...

Of course How I Met Your Mother has had it's fair few band name dropping incidents, my favourite was when Ted thinks he's going to have a threesome and invites the ladies up to his flat to listen to his Wilco cd (yes cause that's what gets the girls going, bit of Jeff Tweedy! Well actually...). Ted has also used both Kim Deal and Kim Gordon when describing his soul mate and in the first series he dates a girl who had a favourite Belle & Sebastian song (which was "We Rule The School" pop fans, not my favourite, I think mine is "Legal Man" or maybe "I Could Be Dreaming" or probably another one). Probably the most annoying thing that even though Ted is Mr. Indie he has bad hair and is also Mr. Boring, bad combination!! See for yrself...

The 100th episode is no exception with Ted getting all excited when he spots the girl (played by the lovely Rachel Bilson) he's on a date with owns The Unicorns album 'Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone?'. I miss The Unicorns, I know we have Clues and Islands, but god dammit, it's not the same!

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Friday, 1 January 2010

Are we having fun yet?

Happy new year readers!
Hope you had a fun night last night, mine was spent giggling and dancing to 90s chart classics in Stoke Newington before marvelling at Myleen Class' freaky face whilst she introducing the fireworks on the telly. I'm so glad I wasn't in that crowd, they looked so bloody miserable!

OK, here's my pick of the best of 2009 telly and films, yep I probably missed loads...
Best TV program - Party Down
In brief a comedy program about a catering company staffed by out of work actors, writers and comedians who don't seem to do any work and cause chaos at every event they work at. It's total cringe comedy but I don't think I've laughed so hard in ages.
With a creative team including Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas, Paul "hottie" Rudd and TV's Fred Savage (?!) there was always high expectations. There are also loads of familiar faces including Freaks and Geeks Martin Starr, pretty much everyone from Veronica Mars (including an awesome cameo from Kristin Bell in the last episode of the series) and George Takei!

I also unashamed loved Series 3 of Californication (Kathleen Turner's character Sue Collini was probably the scariest thing I saw on TV last year!), Greek, Ugly Betty, Curb Your Enthusiasm and John Safran's Race Relations.

I am also enjoying the current series of Glee but I can't stand the singing (if I wanted to watch X Factor I'd watch it alright?!) it has reminded me of the merits of Journey though and Jane Lynch is amazing as ever.

Best Films
Of course it would be Whip It if they weren't taking ages getting around to releasing it in the UK, they still haven't scheduled it yet, god dammit! So I guess it'd have to be

Paper Heart, Where The Wild Things Are, Funny People

Best indie rock cameo
I guess this has to be Sonic Youth on Gossip Girl, which I mentioned in the first post.

What did I miss?

And finally, nothing cheers me up more than hearing one of my favourite indiepop bands played on the telly. Yep tonight's Gavin and Stacey featured a tiny snippet of Comet Gain's classic 'You Can Hide Your Love Forever', watch the episode again here on iPlayer. Don't stay watching though as you'll have to listen to Florence and The Machine whilst Gavin talks about his balls, yelp! They have no class on this program...

EDIT - I have since been informed that fellow Fortuna Pop-sters The Lucksmiths were also played later on in the episode (shows how much attention I was paying!). This episode was brought to you by the letters F and P...

Hope you are all well and your teenies (is that what we call this decade?) are awesome!