Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Greatest Opera Performance by a Rock Bass Player According to Meat Loaf

How the devil do you get Myleen Class, Alan Titchmarsh, Meat Loaf, Catherine Jenkins and Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen in a room together? Why would you want to? Well new ITV entertainment show Popstar To Operastar does just that. The show takes popstars such as Bernie Nolan (being ITV it must have a Nolan sister on there somehow), Marcella Detroit from Shakespeare Sister, Darius and Jimmy Osmond and makes them sing well known opera off the adverts.

What does this have to do with indie rock? Well amongst the 70's popstars, gardeners, ex girl band members and whatnot was Alex James from Blur doing a rather amazing version of a Rossini piece, watch and prepare to be dazzled, I'm sorry but words generally fail me.

Oh yes, one must appreciate but Alex is looking fine at the moment, the years seemed to have dropped off him since the Blur shows last summer. This is what a diet of cheese does for you obviously!

Hope you are well, I'm good, off to see the mighty Shrag this evening
Ta taa

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