Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Listening and dancing to music is AWESOME!!!

Hello guys!

Hope you are well, I'm good, my band did some kick ass recording today and I managed to do a vaguely convincing stab at a mod organ part, fun times!

Here's the first of a series of posts about indie bands on kids TV programs, cause crikey there's tons of them out there. Now in my day, kids TV was Dogtanian, Mysterious Cities of Gold and the closest thing we got to a band on kids telly was the Orange Organics (please don't tell me you don't remember Pugwall) and whatever PJ and Duncan's band on Byker Grove was called. Now it seems that now indiekids are in charge of making TV programs that they want to have their favourite indie bands come on and play songs for children. I guess it makes sense, our parents played us The Beatles and now parents play their children The Shins and Chromeo (very cool parents I must add).

Now, I've never watched an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, kids TV normally makes my head explode and 5.40am (when it's on telly in England!) is not a time I'm ever awake or in a state to watch kids TV, it's just too confusing! But I spent a whole day watching videos on You Tube of bands playing on the program. Seriously, what band hasn't been on there... Here are some of the best clips I found on the website and t'interweb. I love how the Ladytron one they're like "yeah we'll be on the program but we must just bring our usual boring black stage set up, none of this colourful kids TV program nonsense". The Chromeo video makes me smile too much, I will always remember now to wash my hands before I play my synthesiser!




The Salteens

The Postmarks


Some other videos I couldn't find how to embed...


The Shins Hooray for The Shins!
Mates of State
Of Montreal

And here are two super cute covers of The Free Design, I bloody love The Free Design!
"Kites are Fun"
"I Found Love" Hella twee video, nice.

And lastly, Elijah Wood showing us how to do The Puppet!

My sources say that the Geeks from Freaks and Geeks performed at the live Yo Gabba Gabba show, I'd like to have seen that. Anyone have a video of that? for now here's a nice photo of them in their Yo Gabba Gabba get up.

Hope you're well
Until next time

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