Wednesday, 3 March 2010

"Indie rock is gay" according to Greek

So there I was eating my burrito and watching this weeks installment of the University drama/comedy Greek waiting for the next scene with Cappie in (I'm a girl of simple pleasures...). And yeah so anyway there's this scene where Calvin, the jock gay guy is talking about making a "gay list" of his favourite gay music to reconnect with his inner gayness, there's a screenshot of his itunes and yep, see for yourself...

Deerhoof, Belle and Sebastian, Death Cab For Cutie, The Shins, Violent Femmes, Beulah, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Le Tigre, Pin Back all bands I think of when I think of gay music of course. And of course those godfathers of gay The Velvet Underground! Not a Cher or Madonna in sight. Well done to the greek music coordinators for getting this so right!

Props is due to Calvin for putting Two Headed Boy by Jeff Mangum from that live solo thing he did, awesome version.

Now I'm going to return to my burrito but I will leave you with a picture of the lovely Cappie, hope you are all well and have an awesome spring xx


  1. Ooh I LOVE Greek. It's so underrated. Mia x

  2. Greek is awesome, Clark Duke always makes me chucklexx

  3. -.- wow thats stupid iam not gay and i love those bands... fuck you greek