Tuesday, 22 June 2010

We'll show him a little Bikini Kill!

It's been ages hasn't it? Sorry indiekids, been swamped with University work, sorting out stuff for the Indietracks Festival (please come!) I also went to ATP which was one awesome party. Yes yes, I know all excuses!

So yeah last night reading my Bust magazine as any indie girl should, the Riot Grrrl article mentioned in passing that there was an episode of Roseanne where she picks up a riot grrrl hitch hiker who gives them a Bikini Kill tape. So yeah, here is it, god the riot girl is bad! But yeah Roseanne is awesome and says some cool stuff, isn't her baby freaky looking though?

And also, USA go and check out Cyrus at the cinema, featuring music from everyone's favourite party band Still Flyin'! Apparently John C. Reilley dances to their track "The Hott Chord is Struck". Check out the trailer and spot Jonah Hill playing an omnichord!

Hope yr all having fun in the sun


  1. Hee! I just watched all of that Roseanne clip. The riot grrl is Jenna Elfman! I used to bloody love roseanne when I was 12.

  2. Roseanne was so cool and this clip totally shows it!