Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Cops on the Beat Happening

Yes appologies for the awful pun but this is one of those rare occasions where some of the worst type of television (the Cops reality TV show, bleugh!) collides with our little indie word. OK, so not Beat Happening but The Halo Benders one of Calvin Johnson's many other awesome bands. Watch as they get stopped and man handled by the 'Real Stories of the Highway Patrol' Rather unsavoury viewing, my favourite bit is when Calvin talks back at the self important cops, go him!

And yes welcome back, sorry there hasn't been an update in like forever, I myself have been travelling all around the USA which was as you imagine pretty awesome! And lucky me I got to see The Hive Dwellers, Calvin's new band twice, they're awesome, I can't wait for their record to come out. Here's a video of them performing one of my favourites.

Hope you're all well

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