Thursday, 13 January 2011

Man I should've updated this

HAPPY NEW 2011!!!
Where did 2010 go? I didn't even get a chance to write a best of 2010, all I can tell you is I watched too much It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia and 30 Rock! Aw maaannn!

Anyway I did do my best of 2010 Spotify playlist and I wrote this blog post as a guest blogger for The Donnybrook Writing Academy on the train up to Leeds to see one of the last ever Yummy Fur shows. I'm still amazed that someone I don't know has read my blog, hello any new readers that Donnybrook may attract!

I'm good, frantically working and what not and gearing up to play some last few shows with The Loves before we stop being a band. Our last ever show is on the 13th February at The Lexington in London (is this a shameless plug? bah whatevs!) And I am super excited that Greek and Californication are back on telly.

Anyway, I digress, here's a video of my favourites New Order avec Baywatch....

See ya

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