Monday, 24 January 2011

Portland is the city where young people retire...

Portlandia! It stars Carrie Brownstein of Sleater Kinney and takes the mick out of that indierock Utopia, Portland, Oregon. A program this blog was born to write about! I just watched the first program and really enjoyed it, though some of the jokes maybe lost on someone who doesn't know the city, or the kinda middle class-eco-hipster that they're talking about (think Stoke Newington or Brighton and you're getting closer...). I still chuckled, and spent the whole time watching it thinking "yeah, I wanna be back in Portland now".

I like the picture above cause it shows Carrie and costar Fred Armisen in one of Portland's legendary "food pods". Basically, Portland is so much like a middle class festival, everywhere in the city there are food trucks selling gormet but generally cheap food (check out Potato Champion for awesome poutine!). Did you know the ex drummer from The Shins now owns a a Mexican taco stand?

Check out the video to see the opening choon to the program, check out the double height bikes, people actually ride those things, god knows how you stop at the lights!

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