Monday, 27 February 2012

It's Bizness Time!

A massive YEY to Brett McKenzie for his Oscars win last night. I can't work out how to embed the video but here is a link to Brett's acceptance speech, so cute and look at Jason Segel's proud face! It still makes me smile that Jason Segel wrote the film in London "because it felt more Muppety".

Less cute was Emma Stone's banter with Ben Stiller, great god, talk about car crash TV!

I still would've liked to have seen Bridesmaids or Jonah Hill have won something, but I guess the people who vote for The Oscars are old people that think movies about Maggie Thatcher are a good thing. I for one am waiting for "The Iron Lady - The Musical" with music by Iron Maiden, coming to the West End soon. I liked The Artist, partly because it had two people from Revenge of the Nerds in it, but am totally bored with all the awards it has won now. The dog really should have won the best actor award instead of the main dude!

We've just had a party weekend in London with the London Popfest, lotsa great bands played, friends from Scotland and Sweden visited, everyone ate burritos and we had awesome fun times at the late night Finsbury Park bowling alley/arcade games centre. Two of the bands playing, Shrag and Tunabunny are now on a tour that yours truely booked, I'm so proud to have worked with them! You should all go see them if they're playing in your city cause they are a lot of fun, these are the last dates few dates and you can find out more here.
Tues 28th Feb - Stereo, York
Weds 29th Feb - Captain’s Rest, Glasgow
Thurs 1st March - Mello Mello, Liverpool
Fri 2nd March – The Chameleon, Nottingham
Sat 3rd March – The Victoria (Dalston), London

You can buy tickets for Saturday night's London show here, do it!!!

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