Sunday, 15 November 2009

Colour My Life With The Chaos Of Trouble

So, here we go, first review on the blog, the indie non-romantic comedy of the summer, enjoy!

(500) Days of Summer is a film charting the 500 days it takes for Tom Hansen (played by the lovely Joseph Gordon-Levitt) to fall in love, get his heart broken and get over the Summer Finn (played by indie princess Zooey Deschanel). Already the workings of a good indie movie cause indie boys are always pining over pretty indie girls in pretty dresses aren't they?

1. Dialogue - Where do I start? Well the fact their first conversation is about their mutual love of The Smiths is a good one though the best line in the whole film is when Tom laments that "It pains me to live in a world where no-one has ever heard of
Spearmint". Spearmint, of all of the bands languishing in London late 90s indie all-so-rans obscurity they picked Spearmint, WTF!!! Interestingly enough my old band played a show with Spearmint about 7 years ago, I remember being very amused that they turned up with their own sound man, lighting man and guitar technician who all had matching 'Spearmint Crew' embroidered shirts. I was rather jealous, I want to be in a band that has roadies with embroidered shirts, did look rather out of place in the Bull and Gate though...

Obviously the writers must have thought that Spearmint represented the obscure cool they were going for with the movie, but come on, has anyone ever even thought the above statement apart from maybe the band and their mums? Good on Spearmint though, I hear they played the ICA recently, anyone go?

There's also a nice reference to Summer's love of Belle and Sebastian, and her quoting 'The Boy With The Arab Strap' in her college yearbook. And they have a chat about Springsteen too, the cool indiekids favourite troubadour. Points are lost cause she states that Ringo is her favourite Beatle, everyone knows that Paul is the best Beatle!

So The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian and Spearmint, that's hella indie, but a - point for her love of Ringo takes it to 4/5 cardigan points

2. Music Parapanalia - Well Gordon-Levitt wears not one but two different Joy Division teeshirts which is good but there's not really much indie product placement in this film (surprisingly even in the record shop scenes) so I guess that's 2/5 cardigan points

3. Band Appearances - Sadly no band cameos in this movie so a big fat 0 cardigan points
EDIT, how did I not know at the time about She & Him? this must be changed to 5 cardigan points!

4. Soundtrack - pretty indie at times, The Smiths, of course... Regina Spector, Feist, The Temper Trap... he sings The Pixies in the Karaoke bar. Probably the boldest move is having a big song and dance number to 'You Make My Dreams' by the glorious Hall and Oates, a bold move for an indie film, I bloody love Hall and Oates.

OK so Cardigan points... has to be 5/5

5. Generally indie - this film is hella indie, for starters Zooey Deschanel is the top indie princess, she wears lovely dresses and has the ultimate indierock husband in Ben Gibbard. Joseph Gordon-Levitt wears cardigans and skinny ties and does the pining indie boy perfectly. And then there's the kooky cinematography and cutesy graphics which are really nicely done and not too twee (so as not to put off potential outsiders from seeing our indie flick).

Easy, 5/5 cardigan points

Total of 21 cardigan points, HELLA INDIE!!!


(500) Days of Summer Sountrack Website

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