Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Perfect copies of the top 20

A rare opportunity for me to feature some British telly, yey! For any American's reading, your kid from the wrong side of the tracks was The Fresh Prince where as we had this 'gritty' north eastern show about kids that hung out at Byker Grove youth centre. The show spawned such celebrities as the monstrosity that is Ant and Dec (or as in the show PJ and Duncan) though they did produce this genius rap song, you had Will Smith, us PJ and Duncan, obs we win! erm?

This scene is flawed though, what self respecting teenager of the 90s would have ever said Half Man Half Biscuit were her favourite band? And sorry were they ever in the top 20? I imagine John Peel would have been proud though.

Half Man Half Biscuit have some shows coming up, see here for more details.

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