Saturday, 21 November 2009

You just haven't earned it yet baby

Firstly apologies for my absence, my excuse is as ever, life, though since I last wrote I met Stuart Murdoch (ok I took his coat when I was working the cloakroom, no I didn't check his pockets!!), had a band practice with one of my many new musical projects, went to a crazy experimental show where a woman screamed into a piano and Simon Bookish played the recorder (that was just weird!) and celebrated American Thanksgiving. Phew!

So thanks for the emails guys recommending video clips to show and props to Alan for emailing this particular video. This is probably the most random thing ever, Chris Packham famed for his role on the Really Wild Show joined the presenters on Springwatch earlier this year.

Apparently it was a bet to see how many Smiths tracks he could reference throughout the series, and this is a montage of all those clips, I just love how some of them were rather set up, and good to see Bill Oddie get a mention too. And watch out for Chris wearing a Jesus and Mary Chain tee shirt in one clip, sorry Chris but you doing this isn't going to make Springwatch cool! So watch, enjoy and (like me) groan a lot...

Will be back soon with some movie reviews next week finally got to watch 10 Things I Hate About You and now obsessed with Julia Styles, she is so cool! Now I'm off to go watch some dudes get married, congratulations to Shummers and Spangles, may you spend many years being nerds in love!

Hope yr all well

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