Sunday, 13 December 2009

Let the wild rumpus start!

I ventured to the cinema in the rain today to see Where the wild things are, the Spike Jonze/Jim Henson adaptation of the book of the same name. An adorable film with enough cutesyness and unrequited love to keep us indie kids happy.

OK, so technically this is not a film that should be reviewed on this blog, there are no indie bands name dropped in it, and no famous cameos (though I do think Max Records is too cool a name for him not to form a band in later years)

1.Dialogue - sorry thats a 0 cardigan points

2.Music paraphernalia yeah another 0 cardigan points, that fort is clearly missing a nice Wild Beasts poster...

3. Ok no real cameos though Paul Dano, voice of Alexander (the goat monster that no one listens to) is in the NYC based band Mook no I haven't heard of them either, but some of their songs are ok in an epic sounding indierock way. Check out their merch website where you can buy Mook teddy bears, BBQ aprons, coasters, mugs, wall clocks, pillows and mousepads, now there's a band that show initiative!
Ok I guess that's 1/5 cardigan points

4.Soundtrack - The film was definitely made by Karen O and The Kids' awesome soundtrack. Part Arcade Fire, part Architecture in Helsinki it really complimented the movie and she even covers a Daniel Johnston song. Three cheers for Karen as she's been nominated for 2 Grammys for it too.
Listen to the soundtrack on Spotify
Easy 5/5 cardigan points

5. General indieness - Hella indie! Cute furry monsters that no one understands - check! Two monsters that are clearly in love with each other but don't want to deal with it - check! Kid in a cute wolf costume - check! Cutesy title drawings and cinematography - check!
5/5 cardigan points

OK so 21/50 cardigan points, not really that indie but definitely worth watching

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