Monday, 14 December 2009

Barry Hogan you've won the battle but not the war

It has to be said that you really don’t want to be John Safran’s ex-girlfriend, in his latest T.V series ‘Race Relations’ the aussie comic has already stolen his ex-girlfriend’s dirty knickers for a sniff test and asked to make out with his exes mums all in the name of science. Surprisingly he managed to steal ten pairs of panties and all the exes mums obliged for the make out sesh some of them looking rather excited at the prospect. What does this have to do with indierock I hear you say? Well John spends a lot of the series pining after one particular ex, Debra Kee Higgins who left John for Barry Hogan, organiser of the All Tomorrows Parties festival. This comes to a head in episode four of the series where John confronts Debra and Barry in an interview (they think they’re doing MTV talking about the festival) and he falls embarrassingly on his face in front of the obviously in love couple, this is car crash telly.

John has also done a series completely devoted to music, 'John Safran's Musical Jamboree'. In one episode of which he dressed up as Beck and goes to a Scientology convention (surpisingly this was before Beck came forward as a Scientologist), he's probably the most unconvincing Beck ever.

Q "is your voice monotonous rather than varied in pitch?"
John "I think that's unfair, mellow gold was meant to sound like that"

John Safran is a total genius, but no never ever go out with him, you don't know what will happen!

Race Relations Website

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  1. I saw Deborah Kee Higgins filming the Membranes at ATP and I could hear John Safran's voice in my head berating her for her treachery (although I really don't blame her)